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In The Trenches with the Toulons

Dec 16, 2019

The death of a loved one can change your world forever. Grief is a natural reaction to loss; it can be felt emotionally, physically and spiritually. Everyone copes with loss differently, and you will process grief in your own individual way, in your own time.

In this weeks episode, Ralph and Touly jump into the Trenches with Roni Lambrecht.  Roni tells us the story of how her and her husband John loss their son in a ATV accident.  She discusses what it took to help each other get through the rough times, doing what works for your marriage in these hard times, and having no regrets.

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • How keeping busy helped with the transition of their loss
  • Having a support system that is understanding
  • How the loss of a child helped other parent do better with their parenting of of child/children
  • And paying it forward through acts of kindness in Dalton's name


About Roni:

Roni and John have been happily married since 1995. Their beautiful son, Dalton, was with us for 15 years, and left for Heaven just after Christmas in 2013 due to injuries from an ATV vs. sandrail accident. Dalton lived his short life with the intent to create smiles, laughter, and happiness by sharing his kind spirit and helping others through tough times. We continue his legacy by counting our blessings as often as possible for the short time we had him and practicing random acts of kindness in his memory, each and every day.


Additional Information:



  • Parenting At Your Best (2018 Winner of The Gold Mom's Choice Award)
  • A Parent's Guide for Journaling to Their Child
  • A Parent's Journal to Their Child 

All books are a tribute to Dalton, with hope and anticipation that the stories and advice they offer will inspire current parents to excellence in their parenting and ongoing communication with their children.


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